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A Few More Reasons Why You Should Use Argan Oil Instead Of Only For Wrinkles!

Currently it seems that Argan oil is among the most sought after ingredients and individual products in the anti aging and beauty industries. But are you aware that this oil from Morocco can be used for other things asides from reducing wrinkles and fine lines?

This “Liquid Gold from Morocco” as it is usually called has 80% essential fatty acids, Squalene, Phytosterols and Phenolic compounds. These compounds provide the following benefits:

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Keeps your skin soft
  • Protects collagen
  • Guards against damaging free radicals

And this is why this oil is among the most flexible beauty ingredient and product that so many women include in their beauty routines. And best of all you only need a tiny quantity anytime you need to use this oil, usually 1 or 2 drops - making it very cost effective.

So without mincing too many words, let me list a few reasons why you should use Argan oil instead of only for reducing your fine lines and wrinkles (amazingly it does this very well):

1.) Use It In Lightening Your Scars - Daily use of Argan oil is very effective in helping you fade away acne scars and even other kinds of scars and dark spots.

2.) Helps In Dealing With Dry or Cracked Skin - Argan oil has a lot of unsaturated fatty acids which is a lot more than that of shea butter and this makes it a very effective body, hand and face moisturizer. So if you have dry or cracked skin, what are you waiting for? This oil can help eliminate that problem.

3.) Balances Your Skin Oil Production - Even though it is oil, it is non-comedogenic. What this simply implies is that it does not blog your skin pores. It even does the reverse; it helps in Unblocking your skin pores and in regulating sebum (oil) production.

4.) Prevents And Wipes Away Your Stretch Marks - Just like other topical solutions for stretch mark, this oil gets absorbed easily by the skin and does not feel greasy. After a few weeks of using on your stretch marks, you see that it gradually fades away.

5.) Soothes Baby Skin - If you have a baby, anytime you see that his/her skin has become irritated, you can use this oil to soothe the affected part because it is gentle for babies’ skin unlike other chemical-based baby oils.

6.) Very Effective In Softening Cuticles - If you want to soften cuticle, then you should leave this oil on overnight.

7.) Treats Psoriasis And Eczema – Argan oil is very rich in vitamin E, it contains 200% more of this than the popular olive oil. It is this particular vitamin that makes it an effective remedy if you want to treat skin problems like psoriasis and eczema.

8.) You Can Use As A Hair Conditioner - Because of this oil’s remarkable moisturizing properties, you can use this oil as an intensive hair conditioner. It helps a lot in dealing with the problem of split ends.

9.) Treats Itchy & Dry Scalp – all you need to do to deal with dry and itchy scalp is to massage a few drops of the oil on your scalp thoroughly and the wrap you head in a towel that is warm for 1 hour or you can leave overnight for more effective results. This would help in dealing with the problems.

10.) You Can Use It As A Food Ingredient – this oil is not just a cosmetic ingredient you can also use it to add flavor to your food and enjoy its extraordinary health benefits. All you need to do is spray Argan oil on your fish or vegetables. Bear in mind that this oil should not be heated.

It is now obvious to you that you can use Argan oil for so many purposes. However if you want to be able to reap all these benefits then you should be using one that is 100% pure and organic. This is why I recommend that you go for Skinception Argan oil which is one of the few brands that is trustworthy. The manufacturers ensure that they only bottle the purest oil that has been cold pressed by machine (hand pressed oil stinks). Here is a little video that would help your discover more about the wonders of this Moroccan oil.