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Procedures That You Can Use To Remove Your Acne Scars!

After dealing with acne, the next task that you have to battle again becomes the blemishes and scars that were left behind and make your skin look ugly. Even though acne affects 90% of the population, there are millions of individuals that are even more afflicted by this skin condition. These people unluckily have a freakish amount of acne breakouts and the skin disorder last much longer than it should.

The thing is – the scars left don’t just affect the way your skin looks, it also tends to give a major blow to your self esteem and self confidence. Some of these scars can be permanent if you don’t treat it properly. There are various ways that you can deal with this problem, here are a few approaches that you can take.

When most people think of cosmetic surgery, they do not even feel that it concerns acne scars. In reality there are a few surgical procedures that you can make use of to erase the damage that has been caused by the acne. These procedures are known to be effective and the positive benefits that you get tend to be long lasting.


If you haven’t heard of this one before, then I am sure you would be glad to know that Dermabrasion is a very effective technique that you can use to wipe away scars from your skin. It simply involves removing the top layer of the skin where the scar is situated. It is done by using a machine powered electrically. The machine gently removes the top layer of the skin and it exposes the 2nd layer beneath. The skin tales about seven days after the procedure is done for it to recover. After this time, the area where the procedure was carried out would heal and finally become smoother and free of blemishes.

Dermal Injection

This is a very effective method of fading away your blemishes or scars. Acne sometimes leaves both scars and narrow dips in the area of the skin where the various outgrowths used to be. Dermal injections fill these dips so that the skin becomes a lot smoother. As time passes by, the skin loses collagen. So what doctors do is that they put the injections beneath the skin as a way to replace the lost collagen. This technique helps in also removing wrinkles on the skin. The setback however is that it is not permanent and it usually wears out after like six months maximum.


A very popular surgical acne scar removal technique is the use of specialized laser to help you in repairing your skin. This laser is simply intense light that the doctor uses to remove the damaged skin. A different type of laser is used when the damaged skin is raised. However in both situations the laser simply vaporizes the exposed layer of the skin. After a while a new layer skin gradually grows back and is much smoother.

Dermefface FX7

This is a relative new product that was released into the market by Skinception. Dermefface FX7 is a topical lotion that is made of natural ingredients and potent substances that help in fading away your scars naturally. The amazing thing about this product is that it also helps in wiping away other scars on your skin. Try this product and you would be happy with the results that you see. Here is a video about Dermefface fx7 to show you more about what to expect when using this product.